Córdoba & Rosario, Argentina

Plaza San Martin, Cordoba. The main square in town.

The bus ride from Santiago to the border with Argentina passed without a hitch.  After getting our passports stamped at immigration, we had to wait an hour and a half at customs for our bus’s turn to be searched and inspected. … Read more

Santiago & Valparaíso, Chile

Presidential Palace in Santiago, Chile.

The bus ride into Chile was slow and long.  It was supposed to take seven hours, but wound up taking nine and a half.  Trucks that had been waiting several days for the inclement weather to pass and the customs to open were backed up for miles approaching the Chilean border. … Read more

San Miguel de Tucuman & Mendoza, Argentina

The bus ride to San Miguel de Tucuman took five hours and arrived at 7pm.  Again, the scenery during the ride, zigzagging up across desolate rocky desert plateaus down through ripe wine valleys, was incredible.  Northwest Argentina certainly is beautiful.

Northwest Argentina.
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Salta & Cafayate, Argentina

It was a long, arduous trip from San Pedro to Salta.  To compensate, the scenery from the red rock desert of the Atacama region through a passageway high in the Andes was magnificent.  The border crossing into Argentina was a basically a rubberstamp and running your bags through a scanner process, albeit slow. … Read more

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

My shuttle van sped downhill from the Andean highlands of Bolivia into the Atacama Desert of northern Chile.

Once it reached San Pedro de Atacama, we had to go through Chilean customs.  Chile has a strict policy about bringing plants into the country, and I had a bag full of fruits and vegetables I was hoping to get through. … Read more