San Miguel de Tucuman & Mendoza, Argentina

The bus ride to San Miguel de Tucuman took five hours and arrived at 7pm.  Again, the scenery during the ride, zigzagging up across desolate rocky desert plateaus down through ripe wine valleys, was incredible.  Northwest Argentina certainly is beautiful.

Northwest Argentina.
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Salta & Cafayate, Argentina

It was a long, arduous trip from San Pedro to Salta.  To compensate, the scenery from the red rock desert of the Atacama region through a passageway high in the Andes was magnificent.  The border crossing into Argentina was a basically a rubberstamp and running your bags through a scanner process, albeit slow. … Read more

Cochabamba & Sucre, Bolivia

My bus pulled to the side of the road outside the bus terminal in Cochabamba at 9pm.  I had dozed off during the ride, and was a bit alarmed to disembark half-asleep into a hectic scene of hawkers and street vendors on the sidewalk of Avenida Ayacucho, the main north-south street in the city. … Read more

Lima, Arequipa, and Puno, Peru

My flight into Lima, Peru landed at 12:45am.  By time I went through customs and exited Chezar Chavez International airport it was 2am.  A cabbie approached me on my way out, “Miraflores?  Barranco?”  Why yes, Miraflores, please.  How’d you know? … Read more