Medellín, Colombia

The City of Eternal Spring

The bus ride to Medellín was an irksome experience.  I boarded the bus in the Cartagena heat wearing shorts and a T-shirt.  Freezing buses are normal in South America, so I was planning to grab a sweatshirt before putting my backpack in the luggage compartment, but forgot and only remembered five minutes into the trip when the AC cranked on. … Read more

New Ideas – Podcasts on Fasting

Here’s some more interesting content to keep you satisfied until I finish my next post.

New ideas and new ways of thinking can be scary.  Here are a couple podcasts that will hopefully change your views on an idea that is revolting to most people: Fasting.… Read more

New Ideas – Tim Ferriss podcast with Nick Szabo and Naval Ravikant

Confession:  I haven’t written a word in three weeks.  It’s still going to be a week until something new is ready.

In the meantime, I’ll just leave this here.  A cypherpunk/cryptography  legend (Nick Szabo) teams up with a venture capital legend (Naval Ravikant) to field questions from a beginner (Tim Ferriss) on one of my favorite topics, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies.  … Read more