Envision Festival (Uvita) & San Jose, Costa Rica

At about noon, the bus pulled to the side of the road, seemingly in the middle of nowhere.  There was nothing in eyeshot except jungle and the two-lane road.  The bus driver announced “ENBISIO’N!”  The passengers looked around confused for a second, “Here?”  We all disembarked to discover entrances to the parking lot of the festival about 100m away.… Read more

New Ideas – Dan Cleland podcast with Rak Razam

Dan Cleland, the founder of Pulse Tours, where I went for my ayahuasca retreats, started his own podcast:  The Dan Cleland Experience (DCXP).

Below is Dan’s interview with Rak Razam, journalist and producer of the documentary Aya Awakenings.  … Read more

Liberia, Monteverde & Quepos, Costa Rica

My taxi driver dropped me off about 200m before the immigration office on the Nicaraguan side of the border.  When grabbing my bags from the trunk a local border hustler tried to help me with my things.  There are usually dozens of these types of people swarming tourists at borders, and I usually ward them off. … Read more