New Ideas – Adam Robinson

Fascinating podcast I listened to yesterday.  I especially like the story Adam told (starting at about 01:07:00) where he concludes, “Your unconscious mind, the muses, the gods, the universe are all whispering to you all  the time … and you need to hear them and heed them…”.  … Read more

León & Las Peñitas, Nicaragua

Sunset in Las Penitas.

I was dropped off by the shuttle outside of Bigfoot Hostel in the center of León, Nicaragua.  Music and the shrieks of people partying spilled into the streets.  It was almost New Years, so there were a lot party people in town. … Read more

Monday Motivation – David Goggins

Awesome podcast.  Stretch the limits of your human potential. Although this podcast focuses on physical feats, the message can be applied to any aspect of your life. You’re capable of far more than you can possibly imagine. Get off your ass and do something!… Read more

Guatemala City, Guatemala & San Salvador and El Tunco, El Salvador

The shuttle from San Marcos took me to Antigua, and arrived at noon.  I found another shuttle onward to Guatemala City at 3pm, and killed a few hours in a café.  I arrived in in Guatemala City or Guate (as the locals call it) at 4:15pm and was dropped near my Hostel in Zona 1, the historical center. … Read more