What I read in 2016

Following up on my first post ever, What I read in 2015, here is what I read in 2016.  This is a list of literature I consumed, in addition to literally thousands of articles on topics that fascinate me ranging from markets, economics, geopolitics, foreign policy, cryptocurrency, decentralization, eco-projects, fitness and mobility, diet, biohacking, mysticism, consciousness, psychedelics, alternative medicine, therapy, healing, and poker.  … Read more

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala


The shuttle from Antigua to Lake Atitlan took about three and a half hours and arrived at 4pm.  The van approached the lake from a mountain road high above, and the lake came out of nowhere.  Suddenly, I was greeted with spectacular views of an expansive, majestic, shimmering blue lake radiating the afternoon sunlight, encircled by lush green hills and towering volcanoes.… Read more