Trujillo & Huanchaco, Peru

Using a sleep mask and earplugs, plus having paid up for an executive seat on the bus, which reclines 160 degrees, I was able to sleep for most of the overnight bus ride.  I arrived in Trujillo just before dawn.  I picked up my big backpack and headed out front of the Terminal Terrestre at about 5:30am. … Read more

Lima, Peru

By time I stepped out the Lima International airport, it was already midnight.  Not the best time to be wandering a city looking for a hostel.  However, I had scouted it out, and there were several decent looking hostels near Parque Kennedy in the heart of the posh Miraflores district of Lima, a nice area for travelers to stay.… Read more

Graham Hancock – New Technology to Explore Mysterious DMT Realms

New article by Graham Hancock.  I’m thinking about volunteering!

New technology to explore mysterious DMT realms.

If you’re not aware of Graham Hancock, educate yourself.  Check out his podcasts with Amber Lyon and Joe Rogan!… Read more